Dry chili in the avocado skin

The Dry Chili has everything you like about chili - just without the soupy component , Slow carb friends can do it, e.g. Serve also with salad without rice or bread.

Here comes the recipe for Dry Chili in the avocado bowl for 2 people:

1 big red Chilli in rings and sauté in 1 tsp of neutral oil.
Peel off 1 large onion , cut into slices and fry with the chilies.
250 g organic Add minced beef and sauté.
Add 3 cloves of garlic to the chili-onion-chopped mixture and stir-fry.
With salt , Pepper , oregano and sweet pepper .
If the hack is well-cooked, 1 drained can of black beans (organic) Supermarket) and 1 large tomato in columns.
Roast for a few minutes. Finally, season with salt and pepper and serve nicely - e.g. in avocado bowls with chilli and green.
Matching guacamole and of course a Mexican salad or a mixed green salad.