Glazed carrots with limes

Hattu carrots? Yes? Then there is an equally simple and delicious recipe to give the standard vegetable a fresh and glamorous look in no time at all.

Anyone who does not have or does not like carrots can now embrace this continue training with bunny jokes. And e.g. learn about April 1, the "International Day of Bunny Jokes". Really cute and a bit weird.

But now: Hattu carrot?

Then here's the recipe:

500 g small carrots peel or peel larger carrots and divide them into narrow, long pieces. Cook until firm in salted water. Check with a small knife every now and then how soft the carrots are. If you think that they are still a bit too hard (so have a slightly resistant core), they are just right. Drain and drain on a paper towel or a clean dishcloth.

The skin of 2 organic limes (think of all the preservative and shine substances on conventional citrus fruits!) and squeeze out the juice of a lime.

In a pan, melt a good sting of butter and add 1 heaped tablespoon of brown sugar . While stirring, caramelise the sugar and then add the lime juice. Keep stirring until everything is well connected. It smells great!

Put the boiled carrots in the pan with the lime peel. Season with salt and fresh black pepper . Carefully puff the carrots in the pan until all are covered with the lime-Kramellsoße. Let it rest on low heat for a few minutes.

And the Everyday Standard carrot has become an exciting new supplement. Cold you have antipasti carrots that make great as a starter, in a sandwich or on salad.