Mascarpone Clouds with Blueberry Stilton and Pumpernickel Crunch

Huch! Is there ice between the cheese? I push my shopping cart closer to the glass counter and marvel. What is this wonderful white with the appetizing purple spots there between the goat cheese and the brie? No matter what it is, it looks so delicious - I want it. Immediately. My Liebling's Cheese Consultant smiles mischievously and breathes: Blueberry-Stilton.

Blueberry-Stilton. Good gracious! Cheese and fruits are a great combination (think of aromatic cheese with fig mustard, for example), but right in the cheese? Exciting! Great! Please pack! I'm buying!

I'm packing at home First, the cheese and try. Wow ... first you taste the strong character of the style ... and then comes the fruity sweetness of the blueberries around the corner. Not unappealing the whole, but also delicious. I'll try again. Yes, very yummy!

For this Extraordinary cheese you have to do more than a casserole? How about a special dessert, for example? That's why today, the cheese course just hits a sweet dessert. And now comes the best: in just 5 minutes, our mascarpone puffs are ready to serve.

A little warning: For grandma and grandpa this dessert may be a bit too sophisticated. But a few open-minded friends will be delighted:

And this is how it works for 4 - 6 people:

1/2 Cup of mascarpone with 1/2 glass of pink cremant or champagne and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup smooth roast.

2 slices of pumpernickel it into a non-stick frying pan ca . 4 minutes to roast. Stir frequently. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.

Small piles of mascarpone cream like cloud put on plate. Crumble 50 g Blueberry Stilton and spread on the mascarpone clouds. Sprinkle and serve with crunchy pumpernickel.

Tip : If Blueberry Stilton is not available, simply mix mild Stilton with fresh or thawed frozen blueberries using a fork.