Braised chicory with goat's cheese and truffle oil

Braised chicory with goat's cheese and truffle oil Yeah, I know - who likes chicory. One of my scary fantasies is a chicory boat on a raw food plate with low-fat dip. Consent nodding? Then we work together on a new chicory experience: chicory wants to be bathed in olive oil and lovingly covered with some goat's cheese and a touch of truffle oil. Then he also shows us his full potential:

Starters for 4:

4 medium chicory . In a pan, heat some olive oil , the bottom of the pan should be moistened with oil everywhere. Sprinkle 1 tbsp of raw cane sugar evenly over the olive oil. When the sugar caramelizes, place the chicory with the cut surface down in the pan. Put on a lid and fry for a few minutes over medium heat without stirring.

If the cut surfaces are browned well, salt and turn the chicory. Put the lid back on and brown the other side.

If the chicory has become soft everywhere, season with salt and a few drops of truffle oil in the pan (careful, first less and possibly later to admit more). Swirl the chicory and serve on plates.

Garnish with shavings of aromatic goat's cheese (I took old Ilsegaut from Biolandhof Dörmann) and spring onions . Grind some fresh pepper over it at the end.

The bitter note of the Chicory is pleasantly in the background and wonderfully complements the strong-sweet Schmorgeschmack (roasting aromas!) - Cheese and truffle flash in between again and again. Chicory, I love you.