Sorrel soup with chervil

Sorrel soup with chervil | That's how delicatessen Albrecht really shook me up: between the usual assortment of organic Herbal pots with basil, parsley and chives suddenly lit up beautiful green-and-red leaves when shopping for our 40-man event. So what is that? Sorrel. Unbelievable. At Aldi. In the herb carton. MINE!

The young man at the cash register was a little disoriented when we showered him with our applause for the expanded herb assortment. He actually twitched confused when we told him that we would love his sorrel and would like to have it more often. I have a definite suspicion that he did not really understand what it was about. But he has kept his attitude.

The sorrel became a deco for our beetroot mousse and made itself very pretty there. However, the leaflets are very sensitive. Once picked, they wither relatively quickly. Since it was my first encounter with sorrel, I wentogle it. Apparently, we have a particularly decorative variety caught, because normal sorrel is just green and full of everything bigger. The taste is reminiscent of spinach and lemon - somehow very exciting.

Now I had the rest-potty sorrel on the windowsill and actually made friends with the idea, in the next two weeks (destined for Friends of the Man) without exception garnish all the dinners with the delightful leaves. Since I actually found a recipe for a sorrel soup while browsing the new Saveurs! Hach, that's just residual waste at a high level! The red portion in my sorrel gave her soup, funny enough, a rosy lilac tone. As the whole thing looks more like a smoothie, I preferred to write down what's in it - soup:

The main ingredients for the soup are sorrel and butter. But they also make a damn nice couple:

Sorrel soup with chervilSorrel soup with chervil

The soup itself tastes very light and restrained. It is rather a hot broth with an interesting flavor. Oh yes - and an interesting color. I can picture it very well within a multi-course meal. A piece of hearty bread with butter will make a small meal of it.

Sorrel soup with chervilSorrel soup with chervil

And so it goes for 4 as a starter and for 2 to eat with bread: 2 handfuls of sorrel , dry and not chop too finely. Melt 50 g of butter in a saucepan and fry the sorrel for 2 minutes. Then pour 800 ml of water and salt . Simmer for 15 minutes. Then add 100 ml of milk and bring to a boil again.

1 egg yolk with 100 ml of milk in a soup tureen or Whisk the bowl and stir in the hot soup with a whisk . 1/2 bunch chervil chop and add to the soup.